Survival Kit

Let's get through this together!

Why don't I see my therapist?

A video telling your child what is happening with their therapy

The following calendars are designed to help your child keep track with the days

Supporting your Children through Coronavirus

How do you answer all those why questions?!

We all have lots of questions, same as our children. Sometimes the questions are expressions of difficult feelings and confusions. Check out these websites to different social stories and ideas to respond to our children.

Emerging from Lockdown!

It is exciting but preparation would help children!

With talks about easing the restrictions and focus shifts to increasing activities, it’s time to get ready to the new normal. Everyone’s experience and feelings towards COVID-19 is different. It’s important to take steps in a pace that you are comfortable with.

Prepare your child (and yourself) as returning to school after the summer holiday or starting school. Don’t be alarmed by the word “trauma”!! It is an unprecedented experience. Resources for post traumatic events and natural disasters can be useful for some people. 

Keeping Children Busy

to keep them out of mischief!

It is important to have a balance of activities to keep the brain and body busy. It takes planning and organisation to establish a routine.

Your Needs

Get you well from inside out!

Everyone has needs. Looking after yourself and meeting your needs is more important in stressful time. Help is easier to get than you think.