Experienced early childhood intervention specialists supporting you to believe the potential in your child

From little things BIG things grow. It takes dedication, patience, time and trust to wait for your child to BLOSSOM.

For young children experiencing delays and challenges in their development, parents dedicate every single minute to nurture them. Sometimes you water them with tears and regularly you fertiliser them with therapy support, attending childcare, kinder and playgroups. You trust that when the time is right, your child will bloom.

At Blossom, we value the privilege to support many families through this journey and share lots of very first moments – first words, first waving bye-bye, first pointing, first time building with blocks, first steps, first time using the toilet, first day at kinder/childcare/school, first time eating new food and the list goes on!

Blossom is established to address the gaps in services and support for children and families. We provide therapy services that focus on the development of functional skills to achieve your goals that your child attends kindergarten, childcare, school happily and develops social relationship with their peers. We support families to access the services that are available and help them to coordinate these services. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the quality of life of young children and their families. We are happy to hear from like minded community members. 


What people say?

Experienced, caring

Jo is like one of the family. We started seeing Jo when my son was two. He is now five. We have form a special bond with her. Jo is the best and first person to guide and direct us to identify and manage my son’s needs and help to coordinate support. Jo is very experienced. P. Kaur, mum

Responsive, Results

When I rang around to find a Speech Pathologist, Jo was the first to return my call and was available to see my twin boys right away. I love the convenience of texting or calling Jo directly and she is always quick in responding. Jo showed me simple and fun ways for me to get my twin boys talking so I don’t need to see her a lot. Since then their behaviour also improved that I can go out with them. I am very happy to keep seeing Jo. Now my twin boys are in Prep learning to read and sound words out! I’m very proud of them! J. Kaur Mother of twin boys


We met with Jo to discuss transition to school for our daughter and found it very helpful. Jo’s advice was very practical with some great ideas on preparing our daughter mentally for starting school. I also love her idea of using pictures to help my daughter to understand the new routine at school. Amanda T, mother of a 4 year old

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