Our Mission

We work to improve participation and independence of children with additional needs and empower their families to be active members of the community.

Our social responsibility

We use our partnership with parents to support them to raise their children into independent, responsible adults. We do so by encouraging and supporting whole person development with a strong focus on social, emotional and adaptive behaviour development, which are fundamentals for their mental wellbeing, learning and development.

Our Vision

  • We work in partnership with families and children to achieve their goals and aspirations.
  • We share knowledge, information and skills with families and children to support and empower them learn, grow, advocate for their children and make informed choices.
  • We work in the community to promote the learning and development of children to reduce the need for specialist support.
  • We grow and sustain the team by nurturing new graduate therapists, growing and challenging experienced therapists and treating everyone the way we wanted to be treated.

Our values

  • Honesty – we always tell the truth
  • Integrity – we always keep the deal
  • Respect – everyone is important
  • Responsible – we are accountable for our choices
  • Connection – we cherish relationships
  • Growth – we grow our staff, clients, company, community
  • Function – we are useful
  • Quality – we excel in our work